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Instagrammer reveals genius hack for reusing Swiffer pads: '1,600 pounds of garbage every year'

"Don't toss it, reuse it!"

Amazing hack for reusing Swiffer pads

When it comes to cleaning, it can sometimes be shocking how dirty some surfaces actually are — especially when you see your once-sparkling-white Swiffer pad turned into a stained, dusty mess. 

Thankfully, low-waste Instagrammer @thelowwastegal has worked out a brilliant hack to make your Swiffer pads reusable — no more binning and replacing needed.

"Done with your one-use Swiffer pads? Don't toss it, reuse it!" @thelowwastegal captioned her video. 

The scoop

In the video, @thelowwastegal explains how to make your Swiffer pads into reusable products. She starts off by listing the equipment needed for the hack, including a used Swiffer container, reusable Swiffer pads (you can just use dishcloths or rags), distilled water, white vinegar, and 10 to 14 drops of lemon essential oil.

Then she adds four cups of distilled water to the empty container as well as two cups of distilled vinegar. The drops of lemon essential oil are then added to the mix as they have degreaser properties.

Next, @thelowwastegal submerges a Swiffer pad into the solution and pops on the lid so they can soak.

How it's helping

On average, each American produces more than 1,600 pounds of garbage every year. But simple changes like the hack from @thelowwastegal can make a major difference overall.

Not only will reusing items like Swiffer pads save you money, but reusing products in general can help save energy and conserve resources. Plus, reusing items keeps them from going straight to landfills and adding to the tons of waste we produce on a yearly basis.

What's everyone saying?

In general, Instagram commenters were big fans of the handy tip. 

"Wow so creative!" one user wrote.

"Keep them coming," another added. 

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