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Mom shares genius hack to save money on party decoration staple: 'My mind is blown'

"This is the best tip!"

"This is the best tip!"

Photo Credit: Instagram

It's not a party without balloons, but the classic party decoration creates lots of plastic waste and can be pretty pricey if you want special designs or large quantities. 

However, Instagrammer Steph (@mama.jots), a DIY creator who shows people how to make cute crafts for kids and holidays, shared how you can reuse Mylar balloons to keep the party going without blowing all your cash. 

The scoop

Balloons add to the festive atmosphere of a party, but it kills the vibe when you find them deflated shortly after the party's over and you have to buy new ones for the next celebration. This balloon hack solves that problem pretty easily — all you need is a straw and a little patience. 

Carefully stick the straw in the inflation tab where the balloons are blown up, then push down gently on the balloon until you hear air coming out of the straw. Once most of the air is out, roll or fold it over to release any remaining air. Then, fold it around the center and store it until you're ready to blow it up again. 

"YES! Mylar balloons are reusable! Reduce, reuse, + celebrate," Steph captioned the Reel. 

"Making note: If you notice in the Reel, I have to place the straw fairly deep inside the balloon in order to hear the "air" being pushed out. (When I first shared this hack many seemed to find this was a key difference in getting it to work for them). Hope this helps many of you who enjoy celebrating with Mylar balloons!" she added. 

How it's helping

Reusing balloons helps you save money and time shopping for party decorations, as standard balloon bouquets usually cost anywhere from $5 to $30.

While you'll still have to pay to get them refilled with helium (unless you have a machine at home), some party stores like Party City will do it for you for a small fee. If you have strong lungs, you can blow them up yourself and save even more money. 

In addition, reusing Mylar balloons reduces the amount of plastic waste entering oceans and landfills from improper disposal. From 2008 to 2016, The Ocean Conservancy found that nearly 300,000 balloons wound up on U.S. beaches, according to Seaside Sustainability

When balloons wash into the oceans, marine mammals and seabirds may mistake the plastic pieces for food and suffer starvation, digestive problems, and even death. 

Mylar balloons are also nonbiodegradable and cause thousands of power outages each year when they come in contact with power lines due to their metal coating. 

Steph's hack helps you save money and the planet while you party on. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters loved the frugal, eco-friendly party tip.

"Great tip since there's so much waste around decorating these days," one person said. 

"My mind is blown," another added. 

"This is the best tip! We've reused Christmas balloons in our display two years in a row and just packed them away again for next year!!" someone else shared. 

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