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Foodie shares mind-blowing use for grated parmesan cheese containers: 'Super convenient to just have'

"What a great idea!"

"What a great idea!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of resourcefulness, home cooks everywhere are discovering the potential of repurposing grated parmesan cheese lids into versatile accessories for Mason jars.

The scoop

In an Instagram post, Vy and Regina (@ketodashians) shared this hack to repurpose plastic tops of parmesan cheese containers.

"I finally remembered to save my lid! It fits awesome on the ball mason jars and will be the perfect vessel for my chia seeds this summer," the caption read.

The hack begins with a rinse of the lid from a grated parmesan cheese container, salvaging it from the waste bin. With a Mason jar at the ready, the lid finds a new purpose as a convenient closure for beverages, spices, or seasonings. Its perfect fit and integrated straw slot make it an ideal companion for on-the-go drinks or neatly stored pantry essentials.

How it's helping

This hack encourages a mindset of resourcefulness and sustainability in the kitchen, promoting a more eco-friendly approach to everyday tasks. According to the U.N. Environment Programme, food containers make up 36% of all plastic produced, and 85% of those plastics end up in landfills.

To reduce this plastic waste, one of the smartest moves you can make is to ditch plastic food containers altogether. States including Oregon have even banned styrofoam containers in restaurants, recognizing both the environmental and health risks associated with these materials. By choosing reusable alternatives, waste is reduced, and the harm from chemicals such as PFAS sometimes found in these products is reduced.

To make a change at home, repurposing plastic product containers is a way to give new life to something that might otherwise end up in a landfill. 

Hacks including the one shared by Vy and Regina offer a range of benefits for kitchen enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals alike. Repurposing plastic lids not only reduces waste but also maximizes the utility of Mason jars, a staple in many households. The versatility of the lid allows for creative storage solutions.

What everyone's saying

Many of the commenters were excited to try this for themselves.

"What a great idea!" one exclaimed with a heart-eyes emoji.

"My neighborhood grocery store is an Italian market and grated parm only comes in deli tubs!! But I'm totally buying something in shaker form so I can do this," another said.

Yet another person provided an alternative for how to use the jars: "Not food related but the bigger shakers are great for sprinkling stuff like salt or kitty litter on snow or things like plant food or pesticides in the yard/garden. Super convenient to just have a jar of whatever you need available in the car or near the porch."

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