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Renter seeks advice after landlord costs them money in hazardous landscaping mishap: 'It's more than a monetary loss'

"Probably the best you can do is show him how much you paid for the seed/plants."

"Probably the best you can do is show him how much you paid for the seed/plants."

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One renter lost more than money after their landlord's handyman made a costly error.

In the subreddit r/NoLawns, a Redditor detailed how the handyman was at the property to work on another project and "helpfully" removed all of their garden's native plants after thinking they were weeds, distressingly leading to the disappearance of pollinators from their yard. 

"The landlord already knew I was planting a pollinator garden," they wrote, adding that they were only offered $25 off their rent to mitigate the issue. 

"I replied that wouldn't even cover the cost of the seeds to replace what was pulled, let alone the time and money spent on plants, or the lost time of those plants establishing. Not to mention the pollinators that were killed," they said. "... How can I better make my case that $25 isn't adequate?" 

"Have had this happen to me at a previous rental, and it sucks," one Redditor offered. "... It's more than a monetary loss. Sorry it happened to you, OP."

"Probably the best you can do is show him how much you paid for the seed/plants. The loss of the overwintering pollinators can't be reimbursed," another suggested

Rewilding your yard with native plants provides sustenance and shelter for local wildlife while also eliminating the need for as many pollinator-harming pesticides. 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "About 35 percent of the world's food crops" need pollinators — which include bees, butterflies, and birds — and habitat loss is a factor that has caused their numbers to decline. 

However, more than one renter or homeowner has discovered their eco-friendly and money-saving efforts have been foiled by the decisions of their landlords or homeowners' association leadership. 

The intentional removal of a tomato garden, the destruction of an herb garden, and the inability to hang laundry on clotheslines are among the complaints. 

HOA regulations and apartment guidelines have been cited as the reasoning for changes in certain situations, which has inspired some people to begin conversations to create change.  

While this appears to simply be a case of mistaken identity, it didn't lessen the heartbreak or frustration. 

"Your landscaper probably didn't know, so a miscommunication or lack of communication between your landlord and the landscaper seems to be the cause of the problem," one Redditor said

"I'm sorry this happened to you. Hopefully some of your plants dropped seeds and will come back in spring stronger than ever," wrote another

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