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Homeowner faces backlash from HOA over seemingly normal outdoor behavior: 'They acted like I was ... going to ruin the community'

Other homeowners trying to take advantage of Florida's law have also met resistance.

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One Florida homeowner wrote to the News-Press to highlight a state law that protects homeowners' rights to dry clothes on a clothesline — even if their homeowners association says no.

Terri Krass, a 62-year-old former school superintendent, was a resident of the upscale Cross Creek Estates, which had a rule against clotheslines, the News-Press reports.

However, on a vacation in Maine, Krass discovered Florida Statute 163.04, the News-Press says. That law explicitly allows Florida residents to use "solar collectors, clothes lines, or other energy devices based on renewable resources," and prohibits HOAs from banning them.

Krass immediately installed an umbrella clothesline, according to the News-Press. Unfortunately, some of her neighbors pushed back.

"They acted like I was white trash and I was going to ruin the community," Krass told the News-Press. Other homeowners trying to take advantage of Florida's law have also met resistance.

Thankfully, other neighbors had a more positive reaction, according to Krass. Some wanted to put up their own clotheslines — a smart money-saving move.

Alexander Lee, founder of Project Laundry List, told the News-Press that electric dryers account for 6% to 10% of a home's electrical usage, meaning homeowners who switch to a clothesline could save up to one-tenth of their power bill. Plus, clothes and sheets smell fresh when dried outside in the sun.

Meanwhile, this switch also benefits the planet by lowering the demand for electricity. While electricity is a more eco-friendly power source than polluting fuels like gas and oil, much of it is still generated by oil- and coal-burning power plants. Decreasing energy use overall would help cut down on air pollution, especially heat-trapping carbon pollution that warms up the planet.

Krass wanted to spread the word about the benefits of clotheslines. "I think you would be doing many homeowners a favor if you shared this information in your column," she told the News-Press. "Clotheslines have a major impact on energy usage and are environmentally sound."

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