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Man shares incredible before-and-after photos after wife makes simple request: 'You have something good to build from'

"I love seeing repair/restoration/upgrade posts."

"I love seeing repair/restoration/upgrade posts."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A fortunate woman recently received a stunning gift after requesting a bike from her partner, who posted before-and-after photos of their handiwork.

In the subreddit r/Anticonsumption, a Redditor detailed how they saved hundreds of dollars by refurbishing a Schwinn Beach Cruiser that they bought for $20 at a secondhand store.

"I love seeing repair/restoration/upgrade posts."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"My wife has been asking for a new bike … so we checked out some stores and the cheapest new ones that fit those requirements would be $300 at Target, with some nice quality options $550+ at an actual bike shop," the original poster explained

After spotting the bike at Goodwill, though, the OP felt confident the cruiser was the right choice.

"The wheels were straight and true, the hardware was all there and complete and made of quality aluminum so I believe this model was from the 1980s or 1990s and would be an excellent candidate for repair," they wrote

All in all, the OP said they spent another $100 on restoring the bike, which is seen in the after photo with a fresh, bright white coat of paint. 

"You have something good to build from," one commenter pointed out, noting that they rode a "really old Raleigh Sprite" for around 15 years before donating it. 

"Too much of the new stuff is disposable plastic, even on the more expensive bikes. Aluminum is much better," the original poster added in response to another commenter, who noted how "lucky" the OP's wife was.

One benefit of aluminum is that it can be recycled indefinitely — unlike plastic, which is mostly made from dirty energy fuels

Plastics also break into tiny particles that have been found just about everywhere, from raindrops to human placentas, and are linked to some cancers and other health issues

However, creating new items still takes energy, making this repair project not just good for the OP's wallet but also our lungs, as it cut down on pollution that would be generated by manufacturing a bike and perhaps kept the product from eventually making its way to a landfill.

According to Waste Advantage Magazine, approximately 15 million bikes are thrown away by their owners annually, contributing to the mountains of trash and releasing planet-warming gases as they break down. 

In order to help combat this issue, many companies have programs that let people make money by selling their old stuff. Play It Again Sports is a popular retail chain that gives sports and fitness equipment a second life. 

"Freakin hero," one Redditor commented on the OP's work. "I love seeing repair/restoration/upgrade posts, I feel like that's a core value of being anticonsumption."

"Good job, it looks great. I hope she gets all the miles she wants," said another. 

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