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DIY wizard baffles viewers with before-and-after photos of their home-restored handbag: 'I need to know how you [did it]'

"I was tempted to buy a new one as an easy fix…"

Refurbished leather bag

Photo Credit: Reddit

We all have items in our closets that we couldn't bear to donate. However, with lots of love sometimes comes lots of wear. Luckily, this Redditor proved you can restore items to their former glory with the right products and a bit of persistence. 

In a viral Reddit post, one user shared before and after photos of a refurbished leather bag, and it looks brand new. 

Instead of buying a new bag, the Redditor wanted to save money and the leather bag they had used for years. 

"I need to know how you made the scratches disappear," one user wrote, and the Redditor happily obliged. 

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

The Redditor revealed in the comments they used Saphir Renomat to remove dirt, a nutritive lotion to revitalize the leather, and finished with a brown leather polish to conceal the scratch marks. 

All of the scratches and scuff marks in the original photo vanish, leaving a shiny, near-flawless accessory. 

"I was tempted to buy a new one as an easy fix, but decided to save some cash," the Redditor writes. "I hope it will develop a nice patina."

Repairing damaged clothes and accessories can increase items' lifespan and help you save money. The average American family will spend $1,700 on clothes every year, and holding on to pieces you already own can help offset this cost.

Typically, a new leather bag can cost up to $150. This Redditor saved big by restoring a bag they already own, giving it a second life. 

Reddit users complimented this impressive restoration in the post's comment section. 

"Frankly, I prefer the look of restored, well cared for leather over new any day," one user writes.

Another user says, "That looks really nice, great job!"

"Reduce, re-use, recycle, in that order," a Redditor adds. "Well done!"

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