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Homeowner shows how you can cut down your electric bill with a simple refrigerator update: 'This is so useful'

"This will help it run smoothly."

"This will help it run smoothly."

Photo Credit: @shelbizlee / TikTok

In a popular video, TikToker Shelbizlee (@shelbizlee) shared some tips that homeowners and renters alike are going to want to check out. Just 15 minutes of your time could result in your most important appliance running more efficiently and saving on your electric bill.

The scoop

In the video, Shelbizlee shows you how to clean your refrigerator coils, as well as some other useful hints.

@shelbizleee when's the last time you cleaned your fridge coils 👀 it's been 8 months since we moved in and there was already so much dust!! My wife (energy efficiency expert) says this could literally result in a significant change in our electric bill (well what's left of it bc we have solar now 😎) #savemoney #repair #repairhack #rightotrepair #sustainable #zerowaste #secondhand #energyefficient #energyefficiency #saveenergy #saveenergybills #saveenergysavemoney #sustainableliving #saveelectricity #energyconservation ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

"Making sure your fridge isn't having to work harder than it really has to is the best way to extend its life, so clean your fridge coils," Shelbizlee says while demonstrating how to do exactly that, removing a TON of dust from the coils. 

"This will help it run smoothly, more efficient, and it'll even save you some money on your electricity bill," she continues. "You can also check your seals and replace them if they're weak. Keep your settings at an appropriate temperature. Change any water or air filters. And don't block air vents in your fridge."

How it's helping

To clean the coils, all you should need is a screwdriver to remove the cover on the back of your fridge, and a brush to clean the coils. Easy enough. 

Doing something as simple as cleaning your refrigerator coils can reportedly save 11% on your electric bill.

Other things mentioned in the video like keeping your temperature settings at an appropriate level and not blocking vents in your fridge are also simple ways to cut back on your energy consumption.

Some steps, like checking the seals on your fridge, don't sound as simple. Fortunately, there's a hack for that. Just close your refrigerator door on a small piece of paper, then give it a few tugs. If there's resistance, your seals are fine. If the paper immediately slides down, it may be time to replace your seals.

If your refrigerator coils are dirty or your seals are bad, it requires more energy for the fridge to function properly, meaning higher energy bills for you, and more energy that must be produced for your household, leading to more pollution in the atmosphere.

What everyone's saying

One commenter added another way to keep your fridge from nursing unnecessary energy, saying, "Also don't stuff your fridge full. You will waste food and it'll make your fridge work harder burning it out faster."

An enthusiastic commenter said, "This is so useful! Thanks, I'll start doing it." 

Another said, "I needed this."

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