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Driver sparks conversation with image comparing his old car to two modern vehicles: 'It's disgusting and unnecessary'

"Is this why no one can open their doors anymore?"

"Is this why no one can open their doors anymore?"

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A Redditor sparked conversation with a comparison between a 1998 Toyota Camry and two newer vehicles — a GMC sport utility vehicle and Ford pickup truck.

"My little '98 camry compared to 2 modern vehicles," they wrote in r/Anticonsumption.

"Is this why no one can open their doors anymore?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Automobiles are indeed getting bigger, and they have been for some time. This creates safety problems and also increases the environmental impact of the auto industry.

One commenter shared a brilliant video from Not Just Bikes about how dangerous SUVs and light trucks are for pedestrians and drivers.

In the United States, transportation accounts for 29% of pollution, with passenger cars and light trucks responsible for a little over half of that slice of the pie. Buying electric vehicles is one way for consumers to reduce their consumption of planet-warming dirty energy sources such as gas.

But the size trend isn't isolated to vehicles. Houses are ballooning, and so are cruise ships.

With the global population rising and expected to increase by another one billion in the next 15 years, there are questions about how we can sustainably feed and shelter so many people.

Reducing your use of valuable resources can help, as can limiting your pollution production. When it comes to the transportation conversation, you can walk or bike instead of driving, which also improves your health. Walkable areas pump up home values, too.

Public transit is another alternative method of transportation, and it saves money. If you're planning a vacation, you can turn to low-impact travel, cutting out plane rides for train and road trips.

Some commenters said the poster was being disingenuous with the comparison or didn't have a point. Others straightened them out.

"[The point of the post is] to emphasize the ridiculous size of private vehicles today compared to years before," one wrote. "It's disgusting and unnecessary, especially in cities. The parking spaces were meant for vehicles like OP's, not the ones next to theirs."

Another shared a familiar anecdote: "Is this why no one can open their doors anymore? I have to shimmy out of my car at Trader Joe's when it's too crowded."

"I'm all for doing anything and everything we can to lower our footprint when it comes to cars," someone else said. "And I'm a big car guy I love my big muscle cars and tuners but I'll take a 40mpg hybrid any day!"

"One thing I have been saying for years though," the commenter continued, "is that I wish manufacturers would come out with 'base line' models. Base safety features, small possibly hybrid engines, with minimal interior components (manual windows instead of power, no Bluetooth or screens, for example)."

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