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Pet owner discovers 'miracle' item to help calm down their anxious dog: 'It works amazingly for him'

"We use these all the time."

Thundershirt for pets

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The boom of thunder during a storm or fireworks on the Fourth of July can trigger a long, anxious evening for your pet. Luckily, one Redditor thrifted an accessory to keep their stressed dog calm even on the noisiest nights. 

This pet owner scored big on a $45 ThunderShirt for just $3 at Goodwill.

ThunderShirts are shirts for your cat or dog that create an effect similar to swaddling an infant. The shirt applies gentle pressure to calm pets when anxious, scared, or overly excited. 

This thrifted ThunderShirt fits the Redditor's long-haired Chihuahua perfectly and alleviates its anxiety during storms or fireworks. 

"It works amazingly for him," the Redditor writes. "My family described it as a 'miracle jacket.'"

Many cats and dogs suffer from noise aversion, often experiencing fear and anxiety upon hearing loud noises. Pets with noise aversion will tremble, pace, refuse to eat, bark, or cling to their owners. 

Putting your pet in a ThunderShirt when experiencing noise aversion applies pressure to their torso. Your pet is basically receiving a constant hug when they're wearing it, making them feel safe and calm. 

This thrift store find helped this Redditor protect their Chihauau and wallet.  

ThunderShirts come in a variety of sizes and colors for cats and dogs, with prices ranging from $39.95 to $59.95. Thrifting this ThunderShirt instead of buying it from a retailer saved this Redditor more than $40.

Buying pet supplies second hand can help you cut down on expenses. More and more Americans are pet owners after bringing home pandemic puppies and kittens. As of 2021, the average household spends about $770 on pets and pet supplies every year. 

That amounts to thousands of dollars throughout your pet's life, so grabbing supplies you find on your next thrift store trip can offset costs. 

Reddit users complimented this thrift store bargain in the comment section.

"Love when the thrift gods bring exactly what you need," one Redditor writes

"Awesome find! I've been contemplating getting one for my little guy," another user says. "As you stated it's an expensive item." 

"Lucky puppy! We use these all the time," a Redditor adds.

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