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Gardener shares 'genius' idea to repurpose K-Cups for plants: 'I've also done this'

"It's an excellent propping solution!"

"It's an excellent propping solution!"

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A Reddit user just shared a genius way to upcycle used K-Cups into miniature pots for succulent propagation, and plant parents are loving it.

In the r/succulents community, a Redditor posted a photo showing a grid of hollowed-out K-Cups filled with soil, each one housing a tiny succulent sprout.

"It's an excellent propping solution!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Upcycling hack: use K-Cups as cheap pots for propagation," the caption read.

The image reveals a clever repurposing idea: saving those single-serving coffee pods from the landfill and giving them new life as starter pots for baby succulents. It's an accessible way for anyone to combine their love of plants with a dose of eco-friendly crafting.

This simple hack offers a win-win for both plant lovers and the planet. Succulents are already a popular, low-maintenance houseplant option, but buying multiple tiny pots for propagating them adds up quickly.

Upcycling used K-Cups not only cuts down on that cost, but it also keeps single-use plastics out of our overflowing landfills. The less trash we send to landfills, the less planet-warming methane and carbon gas is released into the atmosphere.

It may seem like one little K-Cup couldn't make a difference, but 40% of American homes owned a single-cup coffee brewer as of 2020. If even a fraction of those households reused their coffee pods, it could divert a significant amount of plastic waste.

Redditors were quick to praise the idea in the comments.

"Freaking genius!!!" one wrote.

"I've also done this!! Lots of them already have holes in the bottom too so it's an excellent propping solution!" another added.

"Great idea," a third commenter chimed in, and it's hard to disagree. By giving a second life to items we usually toss without a thought, we can sprinkle a little more sustainability into our everyday routines.

So next time you brew a quick cup, consider saving that pod for an eco-friendly planting project. Your wallet — and the planet — will thank you.

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