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Shopper stunned after finding iconic discontinued espresso machine at estate sale: 'These are the best machines'

"Wow. Nice find."

"Wow. Nice find."

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There's nothing like a morning cup of java, but getting that satisfying sip of coffee can get costly. A daily $5 café brew isn't the most budget-friendly option for most, while an at-home espresso machine from a big box store can often set you back hundreds of dollars. What's a budget-conscious caffeine lover to do? 

Answer: Thrift.

One Redditor recently thrifted their way to an enviable caffeine boost, scoring an iconic discontinued espresso machine at a local estate sale for less than a couple of Starbucks lattes.

"Wow. Nice find."
Photo Credit: Reddit

They recently took to r/ThriftStoreHauls to share the lucky secondhand find — a black and white Starbucks Barista espresso machine with a steam wand, espresso cup, and all the accompanying accessories.

"Couldn't say no to this espresso machine for $10 at an estate sale," the user wrote.

As luck would have it, the machine turned out to be a discontinued customer favorite for an at-home caffeine boost. Versions of the machine currently go for more than $100 on sites like eBay. Needless to say, it's a great find for the java lover.

"These are the best machines," one commenter wrote. "I love mine so much. They don't manufacture them anymore."

"Wow. Nice find," another commenter added. "Enjoy!"

Thrifting at estate sales, yard sales, or secondhand stores isn't only a great way to score once-in-a-lifetime finds. It also positively impacts the environment — and your wallet — compared to shopping new. Thrifting is a great way to keep used items in good condition out of landfills, all while saving you money on necessities like clothing, home items, and, yes, even espresso machines

The popularity of thrift shopping is on the rise. 

According to the Association of Resale Professionals, 62% of Gen Z and millennial consumers report looking for items secondhand before buying new. From 2021 to 2023, the global secondhand apparel market rose from being a $141 billion industry to a $197 billion industry, according to a ThredUp report. Thrifting is expected to be a $350 billion industry by 2028 — and that's accounting for apparel alone. 

So next time you need to pick up a piece of clothing or a home item, consider thrifting. You might even discover rare or valuable items, like a discontinued espresso machine, that will make the internet jealous.

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