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Shopper baffled after finding designer garment hidden among dress shirts at thrift store: 'I bet I'm missing out on a lot'

"This is … the craziest find of my life."

"This is ... the craziest find of my life."

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Thrift shoppers benefit from great bargains on everyday items, and occasionally, a shockingly discounted luxury item really sweetens the deal.

One Redditor was so thrilled by their find, they shared it in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. 

"This is ... the craziest find of my life."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The first photo in the post shows a dress shirt with a Giorgio Armani label and an $8.29 price tag. The original poster wrote: "This is (and probably will forever be) the craziest find of my life."

The Redditor also shared a screenshot of a brand-new version of the shirt with the listed price of 1,275 Canadian dollars (about $931). With savings of over 900 bucks on a single item, this might indeed be the best deal this thrifter ever finds, but who knows? There could be a valuable gem waiting to be found in the racks or shelves of any thrift store.

There are so many benefits of shopping secondhand. Thrifters get their everyday necessities at low prices and get to hang on to more of their hard-earned cash. Sometimes they come across rare or valuable items like discontinued perfume, high-quality home goods, or expensive furniture all for a great deal. 

Thrift shopping also helps the environment by keeping these products out of landfills. Many items found secondhand would take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill, and they would release toxic pollution into the air in the process.

Buying used items also reduces the demand for energy and natural resources that would be required to create new products. 

The addition of online thrifting has helped secondhand shopping gain even more popularity. Just Style reported info from ThredUp, noting "the global secondhand apparel market will be worth $350 billion by 2028 and will comprise 10% of the fashion market worldwide by 2025."

Commenters on the Reddit post were enthusiastic about the OP's purchase. One user wrote, "Good find. I really need to start digging more into the clothes when I go thrifting. I tend to focus on tech and other stuff, but I bet I'm missing out on a lot."

Another commenter said: "I'm happy you found something that brings u joy."

"That's an absolutely gorgeous shirt! I love the pattern and the color!" said one user

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