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DIY wizard reveals how they 'saved' a pair of shorts that were 2 sizes too small: 'Normalize making your clothes fit for you'

"This looks like a really good fix."

Shorts with one quick alteration

Photo Credit: u/JackalopeCode/ Reddit

This Reddit clothing hack will help you keep your favorite clothes — even when they get too small.

In a thread shared to the Visible Mending subreddit, a user showed off how they saved a pair of shorts.

"My favorite shorts were getting too tight so I added a strip of fabric to each side and bumped it up 2 sizes," they wrote in the post accompanying the photo.

The photo shows off the shorts with their new pink strip of fabric down the side that the Redditor added to let out the shorts. Now, they can keep wearing the garment without issue.

Mending your clothes is an easy way to refresh your wardrobe without having to get rid of items you love. Plus, by tailoring instead of tossing, you're helping to keep clothes out of landfills. 

Not handy with the needle and thread yourself? Look for a local tailor to help you out. Check with your local dry cleaners — some offer tailoring services, as well. Shorts, skirts, and pants can all be let out to a bigger size.

Getting an item tailored or repaired can cost a fraction of the price compared to purchasing a new item. 

Redditors loved the design choice and the hack.

"Omg, I gained a little weight this winter and while I think my squishier tummy is cute, I was so annoyed about having my fave jeans out of rotation," wrote one user. "This looks like a really good fix."

"I love mending like this," wrote another Redditor. "Normalize making your clothes fit for you!"

Another user was super inspired. "I've been wanting to try this on some pants and shorts I used to love, I'm going to actually do it now," they wrote.

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