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Homeowner seeks advice over new neighbors' drastic changes to property: 'I feel harassed by them'

"You should not escalate to any kind of legal action without taking the preceding steps."

"You should not escalate to any kind of legal action without taking the preceding steps."

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When a Reddit user shared their frustrating experience with new neighbors excessively trimming trees and dumping yard waste over the fence, the r/treelaw community took notice. 

In the post, the Reddit user explains that their new neighbors — a woman and her father — moved into a nicely landscaped house next door. However, the neighbors began cutting down nearly all the trees and greenery on their property, resulting in a stark contrast between the "treeless lawn" on the neighbors' side and the lush "suburban tropical forest" on the poster's side.

The situation escalated when the neighbors started trimming again and dumping the yard waste onto the poster's property. "They are also dumping yard waste on my side that is not from my trees. And it is damaging my plants," the user wrote.

This type of behavior not only damages the poster's carefully maintained garden but also harms the environment by removing vital trees and vegetation. Urban greenery plays a crucial role in purifying the air and providing habitats for wildlife.

When the poster sought help from their local 311 service, they were told it was a "neighbor-to-neighbor dispute" since they had refused to trim their own trees. However, the user believes this is a case of illegal dumping.

"I feel harassed by them," the poster said of their new neighbors.

The post has elicited a wave of support from commenters who suggested that the OP handle the situation with kindness and dignity:

One user suggested: "Just go talk with them politely. Need some panache. 'It's all good just stop'."

Another user recommended a similar approach: "Since your first step is asking them to stop, you might want to consider a 'Hey, can you ask your gardener to stop throwing garden waste over the fence?' to give them a bit of plausible deniability to correct their bad behavior."

Others agreed that open communication should be the first step. "Talking to your neighbors should be your first step. You should not escalate to any kind of legal action without taking the preceding steps," advised one commenter.

By sharing this experience, the Reddit user has sparked an important conversation about respecting the environment and finding solutions to preserve urban greenery.

As we work together to build a cleaner, greener future, it's crucial to communicate openly, educate others, and stand up for the trees and plants that sustain us all.

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