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Homeowner devises plan to keep destructive neighbor out of their yard: '[It] will be exposed when the plant is removed'

"Get them [on] camera. And get them for trespassing."

"Get them [on] camera. And get them for trespassing."

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One homeowner is hoping their neighbor gets the message that someone is always watching. 

In the subreddit r/neighborsfromh***, a Redditor explained how their "spiteful neighbor keeps pulling out plants" despite the fact that the neighbor told them they could landscape however they please. 

"Every few weeks when our home is empty I come back to the [mondo grass] strategically removed from the ground and sitting on top of the soil so the roots dry out and the plant dies," they shared, adding that they've now replaced four plants around five times. 

"I've planted a laminated picture of Jesus under the soil that will be exposed when the plant is removed," they said before asking other Redditors for further advice.

Commenters were fully supportive of the OP's struggle.  

"Get them [on] camera. And get them for trespassing," one person suggested

"Are you sure it's a neighbor and not just an animal?" another Redditor asked, raising a question that more than one commenter had.

Mondo grass produces small flowers and berries in the summer, according to Planet Natural, which noted the plant is a low-maintenance turf alternative that is excellent for controlling erosion in climates that aren't prone to extreme heat.  

While some varieties are considered resistant to rabbits and deer, though, other types are a smorgasbord for the critters

Homeowners who are looking to rewild their yards to support local habitats should do research before adding grass to their lawns, however. Better Homes & Gardens noted that mondo grass is invasive in some parts of the country.

The OP in this situation didn't share what variety of mondo grass they had planted, but no one can argue with the frustration of having to repeatedly spend money on repeat landscaping. 

"I'd say something to them," another Redditor offered before suggesting a non-accusatory way to begin the conversation. 

"... You could go with: 'I've noticed that my plants are uprooted and left to die when I'm away, have you seen anything suspicious? I'm going to install cameras because I want to make sure whoever is responsible has to pay me back,'" they continued.

"I would do cactuses closest to their property and then keep your grass. Good luck!" another wrote.  

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