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Proud homeowner shares striking results after 'killing' barren yard: 'I wish more people understood just how important it is'

"It's true prairie!"

"It's true prairie!"

Photo Credit: iStock

It can be a big step to switch to a native yard, but one Redditor is showing exactly why it's worth it. 

The homeowner proudly shared the results of their front-yard transformation in the r/f***lawns subreddit with the caption: "Front prairie in OKC year 5 I believe since I killed the lawn." Multiple photos in the post show beautiful flower blooms in red, yellow, purple, and blue. 

"It's true prairie!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"It's true prairie!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Parting ways with traditional turf grass or a barren yard to rewild your lawn takes some effort upfront, but the benefit isn't just a beautiful biodiverse yard — native yards also lower water bills and require less maintenance.

Native plants require less water, fertilizer, and treatments than grass lawns or non-native gardens. Since they're naturally adapted to the region, they grow well on their own with little need for upkeep or chemicals. Homeowners with native gardens or natural lawns have lower water bills and get more time to enjoy their yard instead of working on it.

Natural lawn options include clover, buffalo grass, or xeriscaping — a process that reduces or even eliminates the need for irrigation. Even a partial lawn replacement allows homeowners to reap the rewards of their efforts. 

Native plants and lawns are also great for the environment. They provide a healthy ecosystem to our tiny friends, the pollinators, which help keep our food supply safe. These plants also reduce water consumption and offer a home or food source for local wildlife

Commenters on the Redditor's post loved the native-yard transformation. One user wrote: "I'm glad a lot of people are getting rid of lawns but I wish more people understood just how important it is to convert that space to native prairie."

Another user commented: "Your prairie looks so lush and diverse!"

One excited Redditor added: "It's true prairie! I LOVE this!"

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