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HOA harasses family about lawn after devastating loss: 'This is not your responsibility'

"It's just me, my mom, and my younger brother …"

"It’s just me, my mom, and my younger brother ..."

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After tragedy struck, this Redditor said their HOA started to put pressure on their family.

The post appeared in r/HOA, a subreddit for discussions about homeowners associations and the issues that arise while living in one. A common problem is with HOA lawn care standards, which can be restrictive and harshly enforced.

That's what this 16-year-old Redditor said happened to their family. "My HOA wants us to plant a new lawn because ours died out in Texas heat," they said in their post.

Unfortunately, that would have been hard for the family to manage at the time. "For background, this HOA has had it out for us since my dad died," they claimed. "He was their treasurer or something … It's just me, my mom, and my younger brother, and we genuinely do not have time for their bs any more."

Despite the family's devastating situation, the Redditor said the HOA had gotten nitpicky recently. "Whining about trash cans out too late, now the lawn," they said.

While it sounds heartless, it's not unique. HOAs have been known to press families that have experienced loss and tragedy. In one notable case, an HOA actually charged residents fees after their homes had burned down in a wildfire.

At best, these HOAs are likely oblivious to the distress they're causing. At worst, it's possible they're trying to take advantage of the situation to seize homes by assessing fines and then foreclosing, as one HOA in Colorado appeared to have been doing.

This Redditor hoped for an easy way out from under their HOA's requirements. "Do you think I can get away with a clover lawn?" they asked. For homeowners who want to save money on water and eliminate the need to mow while providing food for bees, clover is the ideal choice.

However, as Redditors pointed out, this wasn't a problem that a 16-year-old ought to be required to fix. "I'm so sorry that you feel like you have a responsibility to even ask about this," said one user. "You're a child. This is not your responsibility. I hope your mom chooses to talk to a landscaper, then the board to come to an agreement."

The original poster took that advice to heart and replied after speaking to their mother. "I talked to my mom and she said she'll call them on Monday to sort this out," they said.

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