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Stunned driver puts car in reverse to catch photo of major landscaping mistake: 'Come on, that's gotta be staged'

"Could not believe my eyes."

"Could not believe my eyes.”

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A Redditor was stunned by a mulch volcano so atrocious that when they took to the r/LandscapingTips forum to share it, it led users to doubt what they saw.

"Please, for the love of trees, STOP VOLCANO MULCHING," the poster wrote. "This causes so many health issues, if the tree even survives."

"Could not believe my eyes.
Photo Credit: u/beepboopihavetopoop / Reddit

"No one actually did that," one user hoped. "Come on, that's gotta be staged. It's never THAT blatant."

The poster responded, "I passed it and had to turn around!!! Could not believe my eyes."

To properly plant a tree, dig a hole about two times as big as the root ball. If the roots are wrapped in burlap or otherwise constricted, remove the casing and loosen the roots. Look up how much water the tree needs to be transplanted successfully.

Apply two to three inches of mulch to the drip line of the tree, making sure to leave the trunk bare and the flare root exposed. This prevents the problems that arise from volcano mulching, which retains moisture against the bark and leads to decay, rot, fungal growth, and improper root formation.

Trees and forests are essential to a healthy planet. They regulate the climate, clean the air, filter water, and provide habitat for more than two-thirds of terrestrial wildlife and plants, according to Forest Stewardship Council International.

About 10% of annual carbon pollution comes from the destruction of forests, which store more carbon the older they are.

It's a devastating problem since trees also boost well-being, The Nature Conservancy reported. A 2018 study showed time in nature improves people's health by increasing physical activity and social cohesion and reducing stress and mental health disorders. Studies of community gardeners have documented similar benefits.

Others offered advice to a user who asked, "How much mulch should be on that pile?"

"There shouldn't be a pile at all," one said. "There shouldn't be any mulch touching the trunk or root collar and the mulch should be covering the ground under the drip line."

Another wrote, "It's supposed to be a berm to hold moisture on new plantings and to hold the water where you want it. It should [have] more of a moat effect."

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