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Distressed tenant shares photos after landlord makes unannounced change to property: 'Been crying on and off all day'

"I can't believe the owner would do this to a perfectly healthy tree."

"I can't believe the owner would do this to a perfectly healthy tree."

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Sometimes, surprises are a good thing, but not when they involve unexpected changes to your property. 

One Redditor posted to the r/hsp subreddit to find support as they mourned the loss of a beautiful tree in their backyard that their landlord decided to cut down without notice. 

While they'd requested the tree trimming service several weeks prior, they had no idea the landlord wanted the whole tree cut instead of just a few branches trimmed. 

"The tree is the reason I decided on moving into this house in the first place. I am devastated and have been crying on and off all day. The falling branches completely crushed the massive flower bushes that were under it as well and it looks so ugly, squashed, and bad now," the OP said

"I can't believe the owner would do this to a perfectly healthy tree that added so much value to the property to leave me with a dirt lot in its place. And without any warning!" they added. 

The tenant uploaded before-and-after photos to show how bare and lifeless their backyard looks without the tree. In the first photo, tree branches and leaves surround the stump where the massive tree in the second image once stood. 

This is just another example of landlords or homeowners associations making unnecessary, sometimes harmful changes to properties or blocking tenants from adding money-saving, eco-friendly features to their homes, such as native lawns or clotheslines

Issues with HOAs range from HOAs asking homeowners to rip out their native lawns to others banning people from parking electric cars in their garages. 

However, if you're facing challenges with your HOA or landlord, check out our guide to learn how to work with them to benefit your community and the planet.

"I'm so sorry this happened...Is it possible for you and your partner [to] go out and buy a small tree and you can watch it grow? Maybe a faster growing tree, and plant in a pot to take with you when you move..? It could also be in memory of the tree that was maimed," one person suggested.

Another wrote, "A tree that size is its own ecosystem. They destroyed an entire ecosystem. Stupid beyond measure. I'm really sorry it happened, and your feelings are totally valid."

"I'm so sorry that happened! You're not being overly emotional. Humans bond with nature and the removal of that nature can really hurt. I've lost trees that I loved more than once and it really sucks," another said.

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