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Thrifter misses out on the couch of their dreams after an argument with their partner: ‘It still haunts my dreams’

“How long did it take to deliberate between leaving the couch or your partner there?”

Green couch

Photo Credit: u/Abby2431/ Reddit

We’ve all heard of buyer’s remorse — but what about leaver’s remorse? 

It is indeed a thing. One Redditor shared major regrets about not purchasing a few secondhand items, and after you see them, you’ll understand why.

In the series of photos shared to the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit, the Redditor shows off a stunning dark green velvet Chesterfield-style sofa, black patio chairs, a blue lamp, and vintage prints of Margaret Keane’s The Stray/No Dogs Allowed Big Eyes.

They captioned the post, “Things that my partner didn’t like and I sadly left at the consignment shop,” noting that the green couch “still haunts my dreams.”

Secondhand stores can be filled with quality gems like those the Redditor shared. And if you’re there looking for something else, curbing your impulses on those surprise scores can be extremely difficult, especially given the savings.

While this Redditor didn’t share the price of their dream items, secondhand furniture and artwork are often listed for a fraction of the cost at retail or what they’d be priced at higher-end vintage stores. 

Beyond the savings, purchasing furniture, home goods, and clothes secondhand helps fill your home with sustainable pieces while keeping those items out of landfills and slowing down the demand for new items.

Redditors were just as shook by the items as the original poster.

“That green couch could go absolutely nowhere in my house and I am pining for it,” wrote one user.

“How long did it take to deliberate between leaving the couch or your partner there,” asked one Redditor.

“I love the couch and those chairs,” posted another Redditor. “One of the worst things ever is finding a gem while thrifting and your partner not loving it.”

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