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Homeowner receives praise with photo of front yard transformation: ‘Everyone’s lawn … should look like this’

“California’s becoming much more beautiful because of you.”

"California's becoming much more beautiful because of you."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A California homeowner received praise on Reddit after sharing a photo of their front yard’s transformed landscape.

Reddit user u/hybred_vigor shared photos of their updated front yard on the “No Lawns” subreddit. The user credited Sweetgrass Gardens, a landscaping company serving Southern California, with the design for their new yard.

"California's becoming much more beautiful because of you."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"California's becoming much more beautiful because of you."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The poster’s low-water garden includes various cacti and succulent plants, including agave. The yard also features a bioswale, an eco-friendly gardening solution that optimizes rainwater collection.

According to Michigan State University, bioswales are usually sloped ditches “designed to slow and reduce stormwater runoff while filtering out pollutants.” They are commonly planted alongside native plants, which are also effective at filtering out water pollution.

“This one holds water so it can sink into the soil and not run into the storm drains. Last winter, it filled up,” the poster wrote about their garden’s bioswale.

Low-maintenance gardens with native plants are the perfect way to add natural beauty to your home, especially considering their drought-tolerant qualities and sustainable benefits.

According to Rain Bird, an international irrigation manufacturer, installing a drought tolerant garden helps reduce household water use, runoff pollution, plant disease, pest infestations, wildlife habitat loss, and soil erosion. 

A report by ABC News revealed that between 40% and 50% of California’s water supply is used on residential landscapes. With California’s vulnerability to droughts, organizations and experts recommend residents revamp their gardens to include more native plants and drought-resistant designs. 

Fellow gardening enthusiasts admired the original poster’s low-maintenance garden in the post’s comment section.

“Everyone’s lawn in SoCal should look like this,” a Redditor commented.

“California’s becoming much more beautiful because of you,” another said.

“That is epic,” someone wrote.

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