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Shopper thrilled after spotting high-end boots sitting on thrift store shelf: 'Those are gorgeous'

"It finally happened!"

"It finally happened!"

Photo Credit: iStock

A good thrift-store haul can brighten even the cloudiest day, especially when you find an expensive luxury item priced at less than 10 bucks. 

One lucky Reddit user had this experience and shared their treasure with the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit community. 

"It finally happened!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"It finally happened!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

They posted: "It finally happened! Allen Edmonds Park City Lace-up Weatherproof Boots for $7.99!"

Commenters were equally excited to see this elusive find. One user said: "Those are gorgeous boots!"

The original poster shared photos picturing a pair of Allen Edmonds boots that look almost new. The Redditor even shared an image of the bottom of the shoes, and it appears they've barely been worn. Considering a brand-new pair of Allen Edmonds boots can cost anywhere between $250 and $500, $7.99 for these shoes was a steal. 

Finding such a great deal is a thrill that calls to those who love the hunt. Thrifters enjoy the benefit of keeping more of their cash when they shop for used items to get their everyday necessities. It's a special bonus when they stumble upon rare and valuable products marked down to great discounted prices.

There are a lot of luxury items waiting to be discovered at thrift stores, including cookware, furniture, and clothing. Buying used items instead of new can add up at the bank, and it's also helpful for the environment. 

When customers buy thrifted, they're keeping those items out of a landfill and lowering the demand for new products, which saves on resources like energy, materials, and water. Less demand for new items also means reducing air pollution from both manufacturing and shipping. 

Luckily, the thrifting market is steadily growing. According to Earthday.org: "From 2021 to 2023, the value of the global secondhand apparel market rose from $138 to $211 billion, and is expected to reach $351 billion by 2027." That's good news for thrifters everywhere (and great news for our planet).

Reddit users were happy to see an item of such great quality marked down so low. 

One user said: "That's awesome. I have 2 pairs of AE footwear (boots and oxfords) and can't get over their build quality."

Another user commented: "Cleanest thrift shop shoes I've ever seen."

One Redditor marveled: "Just saw these at Nordstrom rack for $280, I think. Nice snag."

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