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Gardener wins 'Shed of the Year' award for their stunning backyard greenhouse made with recycled doors: 'This is dreamy'

"I love this!"

Recycled doors

Photo Credit: u/ohhomelygirl / Reddit

In one of the most impressive examples of upcycling we've seen in recent memory, one Reddit user has created an entire garden shed out of recycled doors she was able to source from Facebook Marketplace.

Make sure to scroll through the pictures to see the finished product, which is truly incredible.

Not only did Kelly Haworth win the admiration of her fellow Redditors with her shed, but she also won an actual award — the 2022 Shed of the Year award presented by garden company Cuprinol, beating out 260 other entries. It was the first time in the award's 16-year history that a shed in the "budget" category was awarded the top prize. 

And not only that, but she was so modest that she didn't even mention the award in her original post, leaving another commenter to point it out for her. That commenter goes on to say that they were inspired by Haworth to create a recycled-door shed of their own.

Haworth's shed features a small kitchenette, a potting area, a tool store, and even a bathroom.

"A basic compost toilet for the kids, when they can't hold it," she explains. "Number 1s only."

She also explains how she got the doors and other recycled materials she needed for her build, writing, "People are always giving away [free doors] on FB Marketplace, when renovating their homes. The glass ones especially, were very popular during the 80s in the UK, and people can't wait to get rid of them."

Haworth's work was an inspiration to the other members of the r/gardening subreddit, many of whom shared their plans to get started on copying her by saving more perfectly good building materials from ending up in landfills.

"This is dreamy! Great work! Now I'm off to craigslist to look for free doors," writes one commenter.

"I love this! I'm gonna start taking all the doors I see from dumpsters now that I have a purpose in mind for them," writes another.

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