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Homeowner left 'absolutely fuming' after neighbor decides to cut down their trees: 'This is vandalism'

"Report. Get cameras. Report every time he comes onto your property without permission."

Bad neighbor situation

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Almost everyone can empathize with the feeling of having a bad neighbor — and one Redditor is asking other users for advice about their particularly awful situation. 

The homeowner shared the post on Reddit's r/BadNeighbors forum, explaining that their neighbors were going over their fence to trim their own trees, including a newly planted olive tree.

Besides reaching over the fence and trimming the tree (which the neighbor supposedly said was done to "save" the poster from hiring a gardener), the neighbors also play loud music and cause constant noise and chaos for nearby residents. The Redditor noted that the damage to their garden was significant enough that they would now have to pay a professional to clear it. 

Pesky neighbors violating property boundaries can cause headaches for any residents — especially those who rely on trees for shade on hot sunny days. Improperly pruning trees can have significant implications on a plant's health and vitality. 

One of the major potential issues seen with improper upkeep is that it can lead to an increased risk of disease in trees. And, depending on the location where the tree is cut, it can also lead to the plant being unable to sufficiently photosynthesize, which could kill it. 

In turn, this also means that the tree won't be able to do its part in absorbing carbon pollution and generating the oxygen we need to breathe.

Other Reddit users advised reporting the situation to the proper authorities. 

"This is vandalism, call the cops and report them so the next time they think twice or you have a record of them already being a problem," one user wrote.

"Report. Get cameras. Report every time he comes onto your property without permission. Preferably get some footage of you telling him clearly and politely that he needs to leave your private property. If he doesn't, call the cops," another said.

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