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Savvy bargain hunter shows off Ralph Lauren shirt they found at their local thrift store: 'I couldn't pass it up'

The r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit is a community for sharing users' best finds from thrift stores.

Ralph Lauren shirt

Photo Credit: u/jacobsever / Reddit

One lucky Redditor rang in the new year with a trip to the thrift store — and a photo that got the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit talking.

The r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit is a community for sharing users' best finds from thrift stores and other secondhand sources. Most posts focus on interesting vintage pieces, collections that users have assembled, or even expensive luxury items bought at a steep discount. 

While this post did feature a beautiful Ralph Lauren shirt that's no longer in production, that shirt is being modeled in the photo by a seemingly edited-out model.

The r/ThriftStoreHauls forum requires that photos submitted by users don't show their faces. To comply with that rule, the original poster (OP) took a few minutes with Photoshop to erase their face, replacing it with an image of the wall behind them — but leaving their glasses. 

The effect is of an invisible person wearing the blue floral-print shirt that the OP says is their "first thrifted item of 2023."

"A ghost!" says the top comment. "Usually these are side effects of other bought items." 

OP laughingly replies, "Now you have me wanting to find some sort of haunted clock or mirror or something!" 

Other commenters overwhelmed the thread with similar remarks, like "You thrifted the Invisible Man??" and "I always wanted to find a tub of cartoon Vanishing Cream."

While thrift stores don't generally carry either of those items, they do tend to stock clothes, housewares, and other useful items at a steep discount. Many are in good condition, helping shoppers set up their homes and fill their closets while saving money. Buying secondhand also reduces the number of usable items that are sent to landfills.

A few users looked past the OP's comical photo to compliment them on the shirt they found.  "Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren?" asks one. "I think I thrifted the same shirt! Such mid-2010s vibes."

OP confirms, "That's the one! I saw the print and couldn't pass it up."

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