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A Reddit user snagged this stunning vintage crystal lamp for less than $20: 'It could be worth a ton'

"It may well be one of the most beautiful lamps I've ever seen."

Crystal lamp

Photo Credit: u/OrderGroundbreaking3 / Reddit

Half the fun of finding an incredible thrift store bargain is showing it off to anyone who will listen. One lucky Redditor shared the vintage crystal lamp they scored for only $12, wowing users with thousands of upvotes. 

The Redditor found the lamp at Value Vintage, and other users have speculated whether it could be a Waterford lamp

Waterford lamps are known for their iconic designs that maximize light refraction using beautifully cut crystal. The brand no longer creates lamps, making this Redditor's lamp a rare find or an incredible dupe.

One Reddit user comments, "Worth checking to see who made it because it could be worth a TON." 

Waterford crystal lamps get listed on eBay for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. 

In the past few years, secondhand sales have boomed, especially as people hope to save money and reduce waste by buying used instead of new. 

This vintage treasure is one of the countless examples of secondhand shoppers finding unique, beautiful items they may not find in retail stores. You never know when you'll find a chair, a vase, or in this case, a lamp to fit perfectly in your home. 

Experts predict the secondhand market will continue to grow and could become an $82 billion industry by 2026. Thrifters love finding one-of-a-kind items to spice up their homes or wardrobes at only a fraction of the original price. 

Regardless of its maker, this lamp made a positive impression among Reddit users who shared their approval in the comments. 

"It's so pretty! I've been scouring the Goodwill auctions for a small table lamp for my nightstand," one Redditer says. "This one is very nice, and a great deal too!" 

"It may well be one of the most beautiful lamps I've ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous find," another Reddit user adds

"Put it in front of a window. You might get rainbows," a user suggests

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