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Redditor shares astounding photos of their massive home garden: 'This looks so rewarding'

"Loads of fresh produce incoming."

Turnips raised garden beds

Photo Credit: u/backyard_grower / Reddit

With a wealth of information and instructional videos online, growing food in your own backyard has never been easier.

Even if you think your land is not suitable for growing anything, one Redditor offers a solution, which may also add a bit of aesthetic beauty to your property. Their post shows a picturesque backyard with two rows of raised garden beds.

raised garden beds
Source: Reddit / u/backyard_grower

One of the biggest merits of using raised garden beds is they allow you to garden anywhere, including on land that consists of poor soil, gravel, or even concrete. 

When using a raised bed, the containment space is filled with soil, so the ground underneath plays no role in the health of your garden. This allows gardeners to create a perfect soil mixture right from the start, which also has the added benefit of fewer weeds. 

Another aspect of raised beds that gardeners enjoy is there is much less bending over when planting and harvesting — a definite plus for senior gardeners and people with back problems.

Backyard gardening took off in popularity around the world during the COVID pandemic, as people began to become more interested in sustainability while looking for ways to cope with stress. 

It's estimated that approximately 55% of Americans are now putting their hands into the soil and growing their own food. 

Not only will a backyard garden supply you with safe and healthy food, but it also creates much fewer planet-warming gases than commercial farming, which uses a huge amount of fuel for machinery and shipping. It is estimated that commercial food production is responsible for up to a quarter of the world's carbon pollution.

Many of the comments by Redditor gardeners showed their approval. 

"Looks awesome. Loads of fresh produce incoming," says one user

Another Redditor was in complete awe, commenting, "Omg this is literally my dream, your garden is beautiful."

"This looks so rewarding," another writes

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