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Gardener stuns social media users with their vibrant 'rainbow' garden haul: 'This is so aesthetically pleasing'

"This makes me very happy."

“This makes me very happy."

Photo Credit: iStock

Have you ever been told to "eat the rainbow?" And no, we're not talking about Skittles. One gardener took that advice to a new level with their arrangement of vibrant, homegrown produce.

A Redditor shared a photo of their homegrown produce arranged by colors of the rainbow. 

"Every year I make a rainbow from my garden's produce at least once!" they wrote. 

From deep purple to eye-popping red, every color is represented. Kale nestled beside cucumbers, carrots crisscrossed with tomatoes, and green beans balanced atop Brussels sprouts.

Photo Credit: u/M1l1M / Reddit

Growing your own food is a great way to save money and reduce pollution. Instead of slogging over to the grocery store for produce — where fruits and veggies are often packaged in plastic — you can simply step into your yard and grab what you need. 

By picking food straight from your garden, you're eliminating wasteful produce packaging, cutting back on pollution caused by transporting fruits and veggies, and minimizing food waste. 

On top of that, you don't have to wonder what kinds of pesticides and chemicals might have been used to grow your greens — because you grew them yourself.

Additionally, growing your own food is great for your health. The healthier your soil, the more nutrient-rich your produce will be. Because it's your garden, you get to choose what nutrients and compost to feed your soil, maximizing the health benefits of your food.

Commenters were dazzled by the kaleidoscopic array of produce. 

"This makes me very happy. Lovely haul!" one wrote

"This is so aesthetically pleasing!" another added

"GORGEOUS," a third yelled in all caps.

One user wanted to know how often the original poster collected such a bountiful harvest from their garden. "I would say weekly for about a month — until late September at least," the original poster replied. "The kale and chard I could harvest that much almost daily tho. And the zucchini I actually have way more from this week that I didn't add to the photo." 

While another user pointed out how this was a better rainbow to eat than Skittles, saying, "The real taste the rainbow."

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