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DIY wizard shows off 'gorgeous transformation' after fixing their side tables with popsicle sticks: 'That is incredible'

"I can tell you put a lot of heart into it."

Popsicle sticks

Photo Credit: u/dieselpuma/ Reddit

Did you know that you can decorate side tables with popsicle sticks? Neither did we — but one Redditor has shown us all how it's done with her great upcycling hack.

Sharing the transformation on Reddit and Instagram, Marissa's post drew attention for the attention to detail and clever talent of using such a simple material like popsicle sticks.

"I can tell you put a lot of heart into it," says one user

The DIY project involves taking two battered, old side tables and using popsicle sticks in a herringbone design to give the furniture a new lease of life through upcycling.

Upcycling isn't just a fun project — and in this case, an excuse to eat lots of popsicles — but it is also great for the environment. These side tables were fairly damaged and likely to end up on their way to the landfill. However, simple hacks like this project help to reduce the amount of furniture being tossed out. You can also end up with some pretty unique and creative pieces of furniture — what's not to love?

Other than reducing landfill waste, upcycling helps cut down on the quantities of air pollution released in producing raw materials, as well as in the production of the furniture itself. 

You can also learn some great new skills and use the project to add some more life into your home with unique colors, patterns, and statement pieces of furniture without having to spend lots of money. 

Sure, it might take a while, but the final product will certainly be worth the wait.

"That is incredible," comments one Redditor. "The contrast between the black sides and white-ish tops and drawers looks amazing, and the pattern inside is great."

Most commented on the beauty of the side tables and applauded the Redditor's talent, creativity, and patience. 

"The attention to detail is fabulous. Gorgeous transformation," says another. 

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