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Homeowner receives nasty and threatening letter from neighbor due to their lawn's condition: 'Your place is an embarrassment'

The letter also contained a personal attack.

Pond bank receives nasty and threatening letter from neighbor due to their lawn's condition

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A Redditor woke up to a nasty note on their door recently, apparently from a neighbor who wasn't too pleased with the homeowner's yard upkeep, especially with the pond bank, as the letter stated multiple times.

Below a photo of the note the Redditor wrote: "Wife and I mow our lawn every other week and have never gotten a complaint from our neighbors who we thought were nice people. This is the first time this has been brought to our attention."

Pond bank
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The letter began: "I'm really not sure why you think it is ok to live here and not maintain your pond bank. We all have to maintain the pond bank."

The writer of the letter went on to threaten to go to their HOA about the issue as well as take the matter to court, claiming the homeowner would be responsible for any related costs and would "regret not maintaining your pond bank."

The letter also contained a personal attack, calling the homeowner a "nasty person," before concluding by saying: "I live near you and your place is an embarrassment to me and I'm sure the others on our pond. I will also be speaking with them as well. Tired of looking at your unkept property."

Though it may not be appealing to some (clearly), letting your pond bank grow is actually a good thing. Plant growth along the shoreline can prevent erosion and provide nesting and breeding habitat for wildlife.

The neighbor who left this letter on the Redditor's door was not met with sympathy or understanding in the comments reacting to their letter. Instead, they were met with a mountain of sarcasm.

One commenter summed up the angry letter, saying: "Well? How bad is the pond bank[?] Apparently, the pond bank is pretty bad because the pond bank is overgrown at the pond bank area of the pond bank (think they got paid every time they mentioned pond bank)."

Another commenter summarized a well-made point in the letter writing: "I will be complaining to the HOA on this matter. This matter will be brought up to the HOA."

Another added: "Shore me the money!"

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