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Frustrated tenant shares landlord's shady behavior after discovery of mold growth: '[They] are absolutely not responsible'

Other commenters said the landlord was trying to avoid paying for renovations.

Other commenters said the landlord was trying to avoid paying for renovations.

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A Reddit user urgently sought answers from the flora-loving community in the r/plants forum when mold appeared in their bathroom.

According to the original poster, the mold collected inside the doors of their shower, which was noted to be extremely outdated, and no amount of cleaning products or airing out the room got rid of the grime.

Rather than addressing common causes of household mold such as air quality or humidity, the user's landlord attributed the mold problem to two houseplants the OP kept in the bathroom.

This incident is just one of many examples of landlords blaming tenants for eco-friendly home practices rather than working with them to solve the problems at hand.

The Redditor also mentioned that the mold problem had been worse when they didn't have any plants in the bathroom. 

Bloomscape "plant mom" Joyce Mast has even said that having plants in your bathroom can actually reduce excess ambient moisture, preventing mold and mildew issues.

Houseplants create a more visually pleasant, stress-reducing environment while acting as nature's air purifiers. By introducing them into your home, you can take a small but meaningful step toward a healthier planet and a healthier you. 

Even if landlords and HOAs attempt to prevent renters from making affordable, Earth-friendly changes to their environment, there are ways for tenants to negotiate and change bylaws for the benefit of their health, wealth, and planet.

Other plant enthusiasts came to the original poster's defense, saying the bathroom likely lacked proper ventilation equipment and that the landlord was trying to avoid paying for renovations.

"Your plants are absolutely not responsible for that," one Reddit user assured the OP, questioning what other methods of airflow could be used in the bathroom.

Another commenter suggested using white vinegar to get rid of the mold, but the original poster, unfortunately, said there were certain unreachable parts because of the shower's construction.

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