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Homeowner shares photo of sly critter discovered in their garden: 'I had to look at [it] multiple times to see if it was real'

"Since I usually just run a plant hospice, this feels sooo good."

“Since I usually just run a plant hospice, this feels sooo good."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Look closely at any garden, and you'll find traces of all the critters who frequent it. From bugs to birds and more, a healthy garden can bring out the best wildlife to your neighborhood. One gardener was surprised to find a rabbit in their garden and shared their finding recently on Reddit. 

The user posted a photo of the rabbit taking a sip from a water dish in their native plant garden in Iowa. This garden is now flourishing after what seemed to be a period of struggle.

"Since I usually just run a plant hospice, this feels sooo good," they wrote

Photo Credit: u/perhapit / Reddit

The revived space now has flowers and plants in bright yellows, purples, and pinks, with decorative stones, and of course, a little water dish for thirsty critters. 

The "plant hospice" comment is a somewhat self-deprecating description of the Redditor's garden. After a period of plant suffering, the Redditor can now enjoy a thriving garden with their wild neighbors, like the little rabbit, whose presence "feels so good."

This post lives on the r/NativePlantGardening Reddit thread. Native plants are adapted to specific conditions of their natural habitat, meaning they have developed mutually beneficial relationships with other plants, fungi, and animals for thousands of years. They are nature's perfect plant for that area. 

Unfortunately, hundreds of years of human globalization and decorative landscaping have threatened native plant populations. Luckily, there has been a growing movement to reintroduce native plants.

With the flourishing plants, this garden is now more welcoming to local critters. The rabbit, while cute as can be, is also a signifier that the garden is healthy. There is no doubt a richer mini-ecosystem in this Redditor's community because of their garden. 

One commenter stated, "the bun-bun appreciates your efforts." Another admitted "I had to look at the bunny multiple times to see if it was real."

Other commenters loved the term "plant hospice," as it so perfectly describes the almost-hopeless feeling of watching plants trying to hang on under the "Southern US heat dome." Not only does the gardener get to enjoy a garden full of gorgeous healthy plants, but they also occasionally host some "adorable" visitors. 

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