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Expert gardener shares how to grow your own fence with a tangy fruit: 'The only fence that pays you to build it'

"It grows like crazy."

"It grows like crazy."

Photo Credit: TikTok

When Kevin from Epic Gardening wanted to mask the unsightly water tank in his garden, he came up with an unorthodox but highly beneficial solution that has reaped plenty of rewards.

The scoop

Kevin said on his TikTok account (@epicgardening) that he put some t-posts into the ground surrounding the huge vessel, then used zip ties to attach some wire mesh between each.

He then planted two passion fruits, and before he knew it, the resulting plants had completely taken over the trellis, covering it in lush green leaves that produced delicious fruits.

"It grows like crazy," Kevin said in the video. "And even better, it produces hundreds of deliciously tangy fruit."

@epicgardening Grow your own edible fruit fence with passion fruit. This is the Frederick variety and is absolutely delicious. Grocery stores charge $4/fruit and we'll get hundreds off of this edible fence in under a year!!! #garden ♬ original sound - Epic Gardening

How it's helping

Kevin added a screenshot to the video demonstrating how he found passion fruit for sale at a grocery store for as much as $3.99 each. 

If Kevin is a fan of the exotic seeded fruit — he planted the Frederick variety – he could stand to save hundreds of dollars, all while covering his water tank in a natural, deceptive way.

"[Passion fruit is] the only fence that pays you to build it," Kevin said.

Gardening can be a great way to exercise, and it can help to improve your mental health. The things you plant can also provide a habitat for wildlife and encourage the presence of pollinators, which are vital for a healthy ecosystem. 

What's everyone saying?

Some users also shared their experience with growing passion fruit in their own green space.

"We had a passion fruit fence for more than 10 years, delicious to eat, smells really great and looks very beautiful," one TikToker commented. 

"Passion fruit is also very [hardy], it's perennial and will come back after a hard frost," another user added. 

However, as some TikTokers observed, passion fruit plants can be invasive in some areas, so make sure it won't create a problem where you live before rushing out to try Kevin's handy gardening hack.

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