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These are the 4 easiest things to do when you're tired of wearing your old, worn-down clothes: 'What we really need'

"I've attended a few clothing swap parties where everyone eats good food and digs through each other's gently used clothing."

Old clothes donation

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The fast-fashion industry is a big problem for consumers and the planet. It offers less dependable garments made out of less recyclable fabrics and contributes massive amounts of wastewater and planet-warming gases.

Taking all that into account, many environmentally conscious clothing shoppers prefer more sustainable fashion brands.

But bodies change, and even if your clothing lasts forever, chances are at some point it will no longer fit. One Reddit user recently took to r/Anticonsumption to ask: "is there anything better to do with old clothes besides dropping them at Goodwill?"

Luckily for them, and us, their fellow Reddit users were full of helpful suggestions.

Give the clothes to a local shelter

"I volunteer at one sorting and giving out clothes! We accept everything including used undergarments," writes one commenter. "If we can use it right now and it doesn't have drug/alcohol messages that's what we really need."

Similarly, another commenter writes, "My neighbor works for a local nonprofit resettling refugees. She is always thrilled to get clothes, especially for children and babies."

Organize a clothing swap with friends

"I've attended a few clothing swap parties where everyone eats good food and digs through each other's gently used clothing and accessories they just don't want anymore," one commenter advises. "Afterwards, the host takes everything that's left and donates it to a shelter."

Another clothing swap advocate adds, "I have attended a couple of friend clothing swaps where everyone brings their items and shops in everyone else's. It can be a nice way to refresh your wardrobe without waste. If you aren't fitting something there is a chance someone else will and vice versa."

Get them resized

One commenter offers a compelling argument for never throwing anything away, if you can at all help it, writing, "Take them to a local seamstress and get them resized. Create a local job as well as reducing consumption."

Upcycle them into something else

"If you have kids, make old clothing into teddy bears. If no kids, make old clothing into bags, rugs, etc," one commenter advises.

Another agrees, writing, "Turn them into cleaning rags, pets' bedding, padding, item basket padding, padding protection on pointy edges of furniture, wall soft padding for car door protection, house insulation on weak spots…"

And that's not all …

Those are just a few of the most popular comments. For even more ideas, check out the entire thread.

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