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Tenant disappointed after learning about landlord's drastic plans to alter property: 'Check your city's ordinances'

"Your landlord should do more research!"

"Your landlord should do more research!"

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A disappointed tenant reached out to Reddit's r/arborists forum after their landlord decided to chop down a massive oak tree.

The tenant shared two photos of the healthy tree and wrote, "Any guesses as to the age of this tree that will be shortly chopped down as punishment for dropping leaves?"

"Your landlord should do more research!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Your landlord should do more research!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Redditors were frustrated to learn that the landlord wanted to cut down the massive tree and discussed the consequences of removing it.

"That looks like a white oak. A majestic tree that's a keystone species. Your landlord should be cut down first," wrote one user.

"Trees can actually raise property value by a lot. Your landlord should do more research before cutting down!" responded another user. "Cutting it could decrease property value in addition to increasing utilities and potentially causing drain issues."

"100% your heating/cooling cost will increase the same price as the removal. There may be drainage issues after removal, as that tree takes up a lot of water," wrote one Redditor. "Unless this tree has become a major structural issue or causing severe structural damage, I don't see how the permits would have been granted for the removal."

The trees in your yard save you money and energy in the long run. By creating shade, large trees can reduce your electricity costs by 50%. Their deep roots also conserve water, prevent flooding, and protect your lawn from erosion

Trees are vital to the local ecosystem and the planet as a whole. They not only provide habitats and food sources for native species, but they also combat the changing climate by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Trees also help cool the planet through evapotranspiration, a process in which tree roots absorb water and then release that water as vapor through their leaves. Due to this effect, urban forests have temperatures that are, on average, 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit lower than unforested urban areas.

Across the country, landlords have prevented tenants from maintaining eco-friendly landscape features. Redditors in the forum offered potential solutions for the tenant fighting the tree's removal. 

"How about some professional trimming instead? If they do cut it down, it's a major feature of their property there," suggested one Redditor.

"Check your city's ordinances," wrote another user. "Some municipalities protect keystone species of trees like this."

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