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Farmer reveals simple, pesticide-free hack to demolish pests in your garden: 'Work with nature and not against it'

"For every pest bug there are over 1,500 good insects."

Good insects, Pesticide-free hack to demolish pests in your garden

Photo Credit: @theshilohfarm / Instagram

There are many creative ways of dealing with pests that don't require insecticide. 

The Instagrammer Noah Young (@theshilohfarm), who currently boasts more than 400,000 followers, shows his viewers a much more environmentally sustainable way to deal with pests. 

"For every pest bug there are over 1,500 good insects," Young says in the clip.  

The scoop

The reel starts with Young explaining how, on his farm, they "don't spray any insecticides," instead opting to plant pollinator species that attract beneficial insects that attack and kill pest bugs. 

The Instagrammer proudly states that this is a way to "work with nature and not against it." 

How's it helping?

Using more natural methods of dealing with pests has many benefits. 

Pesticides contain poisonous substances that, when sprayed in gardens, infiltrate the soil and can potentially contaminate our water systems.

Studies have revealed that approximately 90% of water wells in the U.S. are contaminated with pesticides.

Also, while traditional pesticides are effective at eliminating pests, they can also pose a threat to your pets by causing harm or even fatalities

Gardening in and of itself can be highly beneficial to human health and planetary sustainability, and Young's natural method for keeping pests away prevents the potential harm of pesticides while maintaining a productive garden. 

What's everyone saying?

Gardening aficionados had plenty to say.

"I love this! I'm with you! Humans tend to kill everything and not realize or care they are killing good bugs!" one person wrote.

"Found a wasp on the cabbage the other day eating a cabbage worm like an ear of corn." another added. "Who knew?" 

However, one commenter seemed a bit frustrated. 

"Please address Japanese beetles," they wrote. "They are making us all crazy."

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