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Bargain hunter scores incredible vintage Nikon camera for just $7 while shopping at a thrift store: 'Sweet find!'

Vintage Nikon cameras selling for anywhere from $60-$250.

Nikon camera

Photo Credit: u/Megacatt / Reddit

Paul Simon once sang, "I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph." And now one lucky Redditor is singing the same thing, because they, too, have a Nikon camera, which they found at a local thrift store for a mere $7.

This particular Nikon appears to be vintage. Modern ones, purchased new, can cost thousands of dollars — but the vintage ones can be quite pricey as well. A quick perusal of recent eBay sales shows vintage Nikon cameras selling for anywhere from $60 to $250.

The ones that are considered collector's items can sell for quite a bit more than that. While we can't tell the make or model of this particular Nikon from the photograph that its new owner posted, it seems like they got a pretty great deal.

And they are far from the only person finding great deals at their local thrift store. Thrifting is a trend that continues to grow in popularity, and the finds that people are sharing on the internet prove why — from the person who got two pairs of $400 shoes for $6 apiece, to the one who got a $500 down comforter for $9, to the lucky shopper who snagged $500 worth of cookware for $11.

But it's not just clothes and home goods that are available on the secondhand market. You can also find some pretty high-end tech items (albeit vintage ones) if you know where to look.

And when you buy things at the local thrift store, you get to feel doubly good about it — first, because you probably got a great deal (maybe even a great enough deal to brag about it on Reddit), and second, because you have extended the life of a product and kept it out of a landfill.

The commenters on the Reddit post about the Nikon camera were appropriately impressed.

"Wow, great find!" writes one commenter, while another chimes in, "Sweet find!!"

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