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Cleaning whiz shares 'brilliant' two-ingredient solution to tackle even the grossest of bathrooms: 'It packs a punch'

It's a cinch to make and saves money.

It's a cinch to make and saves money.

Photo Credit: itsnicolejaques/ Instagram

It's always a challenge to find a bathroom cleaner that gets our grimiest tubs and bathroom surfaces sparkling. Cleaning influencer Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) is showing folks how to effectively clean their spaces without the use of toxic chemicals. 

The scoop

Jaques shared her non-toxic bathroom cleaning recipe on an Instagram Reel. She explains that she's been using the same recipe for over twenty years and originally heard about it from her grandmother. 

In the video, she instructs how to add a cup of baking soda to a bowl with ¼ cup of Castile soap. She also notes users can thin out the paste with a tablespoon of water or add a soft lemon aroma with essential oils. 

"Wow, does it pack a punch in my house," Jaques says about her recipe. She also uses this paste for cleaning almost everything in her home, from dirty kitchen sinks, mug stains, and microwaves. 

In her bathroom, she applies the paste to her floor with a sponge, spinning it in rotating motions to release the grime. She also adds it to the grout on her floors, the insides of her toilets, and tile — which she notes is especially important in her mid-century modern home with tons of it. 

"It's hydrating, a cinch to make, saves money, and replaced a ton of products that had toxins in my house," she explains. 

How it's helping

Jaques' tips are helpful in cleaning a home with minimal use of toxic chemicals. It's likely that many homes already have baking soda and Castile soap hanging around, so shoppers won't have to go out of their way to purchase another cleaning chemical. 

Commercial cleaners contain a myriad of chemicals that can cause danger to people and pets. Many of these products release noxious volatile organic compounds, which can cause irritation to the respiratory system and worsen asthma. They can also be dangerous if swallowed or if they are spilled onto the skin. Jaques' recipe is a simple and safe way to rid your home of these chemicals. 

Jaques has also provided some valuable insight into other non-toxic remedies on her social media channels. She has shared her two-ingredient cleaning remedy made with distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, as well as how to use isopropyl alcohol to remove pesky stains from clothing.   

What everyone's saying 

Users were impressed by the results and the ease of Jaques' suggestion. "Thank you," one user replied. 

"This is a great [idea]," another wrote.

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