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Net-A-Porter's new 'concierge service' will pay you cold, hard cash for your old handbags, jewelry, and more

With concierge resale, customers can drop off a minimum of three pre-loved items or have them picked up at home for free.

Net-A-Porter old handbags

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter

Fashion retailer Net-A-Porter has teamed up with circular fashion company Reflaunt to create a resale service that makes turning pre-loved items into re-loved items easy.

How does this resell service work?

The Net-A-Porter x Reflaunt resell service gives customers the opportunity to get money back for their used bags and leather goods, ready-to-wear clothing items, shoes, and jewelry. Customers can choose to get cash back via bank transfer or store credit, with an extra 10% added on for the latter. 

There are two different resale methods available: concierge resale and instant bag resale. 

With concierge resale, customers can drop off a minimum of three pre-loved items –– whether they were purchased on Net-A-Porter or not –– or even have them picked up from their home for free. 

The customers can then sit back and relax as the Net-A-Porter team takes care of the photography, listing information, and pricing. Once the item is sold, they can choose their payment method and receive their profit.

Instant bag resale works similarly but keeps customers from having to wait to receive payment until after the item sells. Customers can receive a quote within two business days of sending in photos of their bag from one of Net-A-Porter's preapproved brands. 

After that, it's as simple as arranging a free pickup or drop-off, accepting your final quote once the Net-A-Porter team reviews the bag, and getting your cash or store credit within five business days.

Why is reselling important?

Reselling is an important tool for making fashion a more sustainable industry. By lengthening the lifespan of your items, you can reduce waste while also lessening the demand for new items to be produced –– which would require natural resources and increase carbon pollution. 

The Net-A-Porter x Reflaunt resell service is a great option for reselling, but there are many others as well. 

GotSneakers helps you turn your old sneakers into cash, Smartwool's The Second Cut Project will turn your beat-up socks into dog beds, and RefRecyling provides store credit to donate pre-loved Reformation clothing to be recycled, and many more.

Next time you are thinking of tossing your old items to the side, remember to search for a way to lengthen their lifespan. You just might make a few bucks along the way.

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