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Gardener shares the 'amazing' tool that saves her tons of time when picking weeds: 'This is a need'

"It's great for deeper-rooted weeds, too!"

Nejiri gama

Photo Credit: @hansonrachel / Tiktok

Though weeding is an important part of gardening, it can feel a little tedious. But thanks to a viral TikTok hack, you can get your weeding done with greater accuracy in less time.

The scoop

TikToker Rachel (@hansonrachel) shared a clip of her Nejiri Gama, her favorite tool for weeding. A Nejiri Gama is a Japanese handheld weeding hoe. When skimmed over the soil, it quickly uproots pesky weeds. 

"It has a twisted blade so it angles down into the dirt to rip out the plants from the root," Rachel explains in the clip. "It's great for deeper-rooted weeds, too!"

In the video, Rachel drags the blade through the soil between rows, scraping away unwanted growth. 

"It's really easy to drag through and between rows to really deftly slice those little buggers out of there," she says. "This has saved me so much time."

@hansonrachel Its great for deeper-rooted weeds too! #gardening #gardentok #gardeninghacks #flowergarden ♬ Fiddle Tune (Live) - John Hartford

Why it's great

Few gardeners relish weeding. It's a time and labor-intensive task, and crouching over the soil to pluck weeds out can quickly become uncomfortable. The Nejiri Gama makes it easy for gardeners to remove more weeds in less time.

Though most of us don't like weeding, it's one of the most important tasks of garden maintenance. Just like every other plant, weeds require water, sun, and nutrients. If your garden is full of weeds, your plants will be competing with those weeds for resources. When you weed, you ensure your garden doesn't have to compete for resources, allowing your plants to thrive.

What everyone's saying

Commenters were excited to discover a tool that makes weeding easier. 

"This is a NEED," said one. 

"This is amazing. I literally just bought one," said another.

Others already owned a Nejiri Gama of their own and agreed with Rachel. 

"I have one! It's also my favorite," a commenter wrote, while another said, "Yes! My fav too!"

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