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Homeowner shares simple hack to transform neglected yard with ease: 'I would never have thought of that'

"This is awesome!"

“This is awesome!”

Photo Credit: TikTok

It can be hard to know where to begin when brainstorming ideas to revamp your yard, but one app gives people a helping hand with some AI-generated landscape design inspiration.

The scoop

TikToker Olive Bloom (@olive.bloom) is in the midst of reimagining her yard and posted about an app called Neighborbrite Vision, a free landscape design tool. All you need is a photo of your space, which you simply upload to the app. Then, you tap the areas you want to update. From there, you can view some AI-generated options.

"This just helps me visualize what my yard could look like instead of just looking at inspo online," she said in her video.

"Look at those pathways," she added. "I would never have thought of that."

@olive.bloom Ok but this is giving me way too many good ideas! If you want to try for yourself, check out the link in my bio or head to https://yard.vision #landscape #aigenerated #design #aigeneratedimages #xeriscape #xeriscapegarden #garden #flowers #yardtransformation #cottagecoregarden #artificialintelligence #genai ♬ original sound - Olive Bloom

How it's helping

One of the things that Bloom loves about the app is that all of the images it generates feature a type of landscape design called xeriscaping, which reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation by utilizing native and drought-resistant plants and eliminating traditional turf lawns. 

Xeriscape proponents say it can reduce water use by 50-75%, which saves money on bills and is better for the environment. Although xeriscaping is practically synonymous with the desert Southwest, its elements can be incorporated into other regions as well.

Utilizing native plants — whether in a xeriscaped yard or not — has a multitude of benefits. Native plants are those that occur naturally in an ecosystem, evolving and adapting to its moisture level, soil, weather, and native animals. 

As with xeriscaping, simply incorporating natives into your yard helps to save money and water. You can conserve 1,750,000 gallons of water over a decade by rewilding your yard. Native plants need less maintenance — which also conserves time and money — because they require fewer pesticides and fertilizers to thrive, and don't require mowing.

But it gets even better. Native plants also provide food and shelter for pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are vital in helping us maintain a healthy food supply.

Native plants vary by location. The National Wildlife Federation offers an online tool to help you identify which ones are best for your region. You don't have to convert your entire lawn at once — even adding a few native plants will make a difference.

Still don't know where to start? Yardzen is a company that will help you rewild your yard.

What everyone's saying

Other TikTokers were pretty excited about the hack, with one person saying, "This is awesome!"

"Less concrete, more mulch," another added. "It's better for your plants, you, and the environment." 

Meanwhile, one landscape designer was a bit nervous (but good-natured) about the tool: "Man, my job is in JEOPARDY. LOL."

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