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Homeowner demonstrates method to deter mosquitoes: 'I haven't gotten any bug bites'

"You'll be amazed."

"You'll be amazed."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it's that mosquitos are the worst. While they play an important role in the ecosystem as pollinators for thousands of plant species, their bites can be incredibly aggravating. Further, they have been known to carry diseases such as malaria. 

If only there was a way to keep them away…

The scoop

TikTok account Keith & Mindy (@keith_mindy) shares a hack to repel mosquitoes that works and smells great.

@keith_mindy Who hates mosquitoes? This trick works so well and smells great!! #household #tipsandtricks #diy #middleage #coffee #fypage #mosquito #outdoors ♬ original sound - Keith&Mindy

Keith & Mindy put coffee grounds in a glass jar that won't burn. Then they simply used a lighter to burn the coffee.

"Mosquitoes hate the smell of this. You'll be amazed," they promised.

The mixture will burn for a few hours before it needs another light.

How it's helping

It's a safe bet that most households have coffee, glass jars, and a lighter. This saves a trip to the store for insect repellant — most of which are packed with harmful chemicals and sold in single-use plastics.

Much like sunscreen, what we rub into our skin to protect ourselves can have harmful side effects on our immune system and environment alike — not to mention our pets and local wildlife. Switching to cleaner bug repellant is better for everyone, including the planet. 

The National Wildlife Federation reported that the chemicals in mosquito spray are harmful to bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and ladybugs as well. 

Mosquito bites can be extremely itchy, painful, and uncomfortable. Finding cheap and easy ways to deter these insects without further harming your skin by using natural ingredients means you can go outside without fear of waking up covered in bites — that's priceless.

What everyone's saying

The hack was met with some skepticism, especially from those living in Texas, and humor about mosquitoes starting their own coffee chain. But for those who gave it a try, the results came with two thumbs up.

"First time I haven't gotten any bug bites," one TikToker wrote after giving it a go.

"I add a few cloves into the mixture to get rid of other bugs besides mosquitoes," wrote another. 

"Just threw coffee in the fire pit," another comment stated.

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