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TikToker demonstrates how you can turn food into makeup: 'This was natural beauty before it became an industry'

"Makeup is so toxic."

Natural makeup, turning food into makeup

Photo Credit: @rewildcarlyrose/ Tiktok

TikTok creator Carly Rose (@rewildcarlyrose) has taken organic makeup to a new level by demonstrating how to do a full face of makeup using only natural ingredients, many of which you could find in most grocery stores.

The scoop

The TikTok user walked her audience through how to make their own makeup using natural ingredients. First, she applied foundation using cacao powder and coconut oil. As well as providing a smooth base for your look, coconut oil is also an excellent moisturizer, and it builds up a natural defense barrier to protect your skin throughout the day, according to Healthline.

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However, for those with oily skin, the creator had another suggestion in the comments.

"You can use tallow or ghee or lard or Shea butter," she wrote when asked about coconut oil alternatives.

Next up is fresh beets, which the TikToker used to create a lip and cheek stain. It's all-natural, plus it means that your blush and lip will be the exact same shade for a rosy complexion.

She also uses red clay for bronzer, cacao powder and arrowroot powder for a dry shampoo, and berries and black tea for mascara, applied with a reusable wand.

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How it's helping

Making your own products from natural ingredients isn't just kinder to your skin; it's also kinder to the environment. Many cosmetic products containing harmful chemicals are tested on animals, so the products you use every day could be doing a lot more harm than good.

What's more, the packaging on beauty products alone amounts to 120 billion units of mostly single-use plastic every year in the United States. Making your own products from natural foods and ingredients that you can buy or even grow yourself helps reduce how much of these damaging materials you put into supply chains.

What everyone's saying

Although some people were skeptical of how well the products would work, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with one person writing: "When people are so disconnected with where their products come from that they judge someone using the ingredients that are literally in make up."

Another added: "Queen behavior. Love this. Makeup is sooo toxic."

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