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Video shows homeowner's striking before-and-after yard transformation: 'You don't need to redo your entire yard'

"She did a great job!"

"She did a great job!"

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One Canadian homeowner redesigned her yard to make it more vibrant and full of variety — and the results are stunning. 

A video from TikTok account Homegrown National Park (@homegrownnationalpark) showcases before-and-after photos. The "before" is short, dull grass, while the "after" is packed with colorful wildflowers and soaring green shoots.

@homegrownnationalpark Our first Canadian featured habitat! Thank you to Carrie Walker for sharing her inspiring native landscape. 💚 Note that you don't need to redo your entire yard to make an impact! Adding ANY native plants to your yard or patio makes a positive impact on your local ecosystem. 💚 Join the Homegrown National Park movement by adding your new or existing native plantings (as small as 1 sq foot) to our Biodiversity MAP. #HomegrownNationalPark #plantnative #plantsoftiktok #garryoakecosystem #vancouverislandbc #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Homegrown National Park

The secret? Native plants.

"She got rid of all of the lawn and replaced it with a native habitat," the host explains. "[She] says, 'I just enjoy my yard more now … It's the same amount of space, but there's so much more going on. I could walk through and just get lost in it.'"

Commenters were equally enthused. "She did a great job!" one wrote.

The TikTok account is run by the nonprofit Homegrown National Parks, and it showcases success stories from homeowners who aimed to rewild their yards and make them a friendlier place for pollinators and local wildlife. 

The homeowner featured in the video had seen the benefits of native gardening firsthand. "It's been sort of a gateway drug for a new fascination with all sorts of wildlife and native insects that have shown up," she says.

Not only do native plants foster biodiversity and a healthy local ecosystem, but they are also generally much more affordable than traditional grass. The average American racks up approximately 30% of their monthly water bill through outdoor use, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But with native plants adapted to their local ecosystem, most of them need little to no watering. 

Natural lawns are also easier to maintain than traditional grass since they don't necessitate mowing.

🗣️ If you were to switch from a grass lawn to a more natural option, which of these factors would be your primary motivation?

🔘 Making it look better 🌱

🔘 Saving money on water and maintenance 💰

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🔘 No way I ever get rid of my lawn 🚫

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Homegrown National Parks also emphasizes that going native and increasing biodiversity doesn't necessarily mean a large undertaking. "Note that you don't need to redo your entire yard to make an impact!" the caption reads. "Adding ANY native plants to your yard or patio makes a positive impact on your local ecosystem."

If you're interested in switching to a grass-free natural lawn, there are multiple affordable options, from wildflowers to clover to irrigation-free xeriscaping.

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