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Homeowner shares unrecognizable before-and-after photos after completely renovating their backyard: ‘What an incredible space you have cultivated’

“Quite, quite amazing.”

"Quite, quite amazing."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A resident of Melbourne, Victoria, is painting a picture of the saying “you reap what you sow,” and others are taking note. 

In a recent post to the r/NoLawns subreddit, a homeowner shared before-and-after photos of a plot of land they took from faded grass to food garden, showing what can be created with a bit of time and a lot of dedication. 

“Purchased this property that was going to be demolished for three townhouses,” they wrote below the photos. “Over 2 years we’ve transformed a barren lawn with natives and a food garden. It’s been such a rewarding project — and the wildlife love it.”

"Quite, quite amazing."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Quite, quite amazing."
Photo Credit: Reddit

“Quite, quite amazing. So much work — and what a wonderful reward,” commented one viewer. “Well done.” 

This commenter hit it square on the head — the work is worth the reward. Changing how you plan and care for your yard brings with it a multitude of benefits for the environment and your health — both mental and physical. 

Installing a native plant lawn — or using alternatives like clover, buffalo grass, or xeriscaping — will save you time and money on lawn maintenance while conserving water and creating a healthier ecosystem for pollinators, which ultimately benefits humans as, according to the U.S. Forest Service, nearly 80% of the food we eat and plant-based industrial products we use require pollination. 

Further, growing your food helps cut down on food waste. Annual global food waste is about 2.5 billion tons, and around 120 billion pounds of food is thrown away annually in the U.S. alone, with 43% of that coming from food thrown out in homes. Food waste accounts for 22% of trash, making it the single largest component of U.S. landfills where, as it breaks down, it releases loads of planet-warming gases. 

This particular transformation also brought the bonus of keeping the plot of land green instead of being developed. 

The post’s comment section was filled with well-deserved praise and admiration. 

“Wow! What an incredible space you have cultivated. Thanks for sharing, it’s a treat to behold,”  said one impressed user. 

“Whoa. That is a paradise!” exclaimed another. “With summer starting next month, that may be the most popular room in your house!”

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