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New gardener shares regrets after inspecting seeds they planted: 'I will learn from this'

"Not everyone gets it right on the first try but it's baby steps in the right direction."

"Not everyone gets it right on the first try but it's baby steps in the right direction."

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A Reddit user in r/NativePlantGardening, a forum for gardeners who are passionate about eco-friendly gardening techniques such as rain gardens and xeriscaping, shared an important lesson they learned as an up-and-coming green thumb. 

The original poster was excited throughout the gardening process, from ordering seeds and plotting flower beds to seeing their previously planted clover create a lush ground cover over their lawn.

However, they realized that some of the flowers they were planting, such as milkweed, foxgloves, and nicotiana, were not native to their area.

"Will I still have flowers for [the] bees and butterflies... Yes. Have I embraced native gardening... Not to the degree I was hoping for. I will learn from this, do more research, and hope the blanket flowers and echinacea I am starting from seed make wonderful flowers. Not everyone gets it right on the first try but it's baby steps in the right direction," the user wrote

An edit to the post also expressed the OP's appreciation for the support, stories, and encouragement from other users in the community. 

Native plants are a fantastic addition to any garden or natural lawn since they are specifically adapted to their local climate, soil, and wildlife, making them more resilient and low maintenance than non-native species. 

Not only do they typically need less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which conserves resources in a way that eases the strain on your wallet and the planet, but native plants also offer your area's insects, birds, and critters a nourishing habitat that promotes biodiversity.

As vital creatures like pollinators visit your garden, you'll be able to reconnect with nature from the peace of your own healthy, vibrant yard. 

"I think native plant gardening is an advanced topic even for experienced gardeners. Many of the plants are vigorous once established but finicky to start," one commenter mentioned

"Every experienced gardener on this site has made a ton of mistakes. I have been doing it six years and only recently have sort of achieved what I thought it would take maybe two years to get to," another Redditor added. "You are headed in the right direction, remember to have fun along the way." 

"You will get there! A lot of people go many years into just replacing their lawn without even knowing that natives will have the most impact — so if you're already aware and trying — you're doing great!" a third native plant enthusiast wrote

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