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New homeowner shares video of the lawn they inherited from previous owners: 'It's a lot of work'

"I'd take these gardens over a green grass yard any day."

"I’d take these gardens over a green grass yard any day."

Photo Credit: u/EasternHemlock7 / Reddit

Native lawns are growing in popularity, and with good reason. Traditional grass lawns — which many people are pressured to maintain by their neighbors or homeowners association (HOA) — require constant maintenance, poisonous pesticides and herbicides, excessive watering, and gas-powered mowers. Meanwhile, they discourage ecological diversity, harming surrounding wildlife.

A native lawn, on the other hand, is easier to maintain, does not require poisonous chemicals, and encourages thriving ecosystems. Plus, native lawns are beautiful and visually interesting. And one lucky new homeowner didn't even have to plant anything to get one — they simply inherited a thriving native yard from the previous homeowner.

Posting on the No Lawns subreddit, the homeowner shared a panorama of the impressive yard, explaining that "the previous owner was a master gardener and a rock gardener."

Needless to say, their fellow Redditors were impressed.

"It's so gorgeous!" wrote one commenter. "Pleeeaaase come to NJ and help me make my front yard look like this! It's currently just clover and some kind of cress. My neighbors drop off hints like 'preen is on sale ya know' because their yards are all grass. I think they are annoyed about seeds from my property flying over to theirs."

The original poster replied, "Folks like that just confuse me. I'd take these gardens over a green grass yard any day. This was something we knew we were getting into when we bought this old house. It's a lot of work but it's worth it in the end. So many more fruitful conversations when there's gardens instead of grass."

Although HOAs and pushy neighbors can be a big obstacle when it comes to having an ecologically diverse yard, the fact that this one was inherited from a previous owner and has been maintained for some time hopefully bodes well for its future.

And the more people who see it in all its glory and are inspired to try the same thing, the better for all of us.

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