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Traditional makeup wipes can be tough on your skin and your wallet — here's what you should be using instead

By opting for muslin cloth, you're ditching the harsh chemicals and microplastics from wipes.

By opting for muslin cloth, you’re ditching the harsh chemicals and microplastics from wipes.

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We see you. You want to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Whether washing your face is a matter of necessity or you have a routine as part of your self-care practice, cleaning your face is one of those things that always feels good.

Of course, this is a topic with no shortage of opinions (or products). Many of us are on the seemingly never-ending search for convenient, cost-effective options. You know the ones — those that promise to make skin care a breeze without a massive time or financial investment.

Makeup remover wipes

As is often the case, disposables are marketed as an easy, effective option. It's a pretty great approach from manufacturers, as disposable wipes promise to do it all.

And sure, they get the job done. But they have their downsides.

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Chemicals and abrasives

To start, makeup remover wipes contain many harsh chemicals and fragrances. These chemicals can give you the illusion of a squeaky-clean face, but science says otherwise. 

These wipes don't actually do the job of cleaning your face. Instead, they simply smear the makeup, dirt, and oil around your skin. That means you're still left with the residue to clog your pores, and you're likely working harder than you need to when it comes to cleaning up.

Have you looked in the mirror after using wipes to find a red, tingly face? Have you convinced yourself that's what it feels like to be clean? Spoiler alert: It's not. Beauty isn't pain.

Haste makes waste

You may feel like you're saving time with makeup remover wipes. But what about after using them? 

An estimated 20 million pounds of wipes are disposed of in the U.S. every day. With an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, these wipes go to the garbage, then the landfill, where they take up to 100 years to break down due to their plastic content.

You're saving time. The Earth isn't.

They're costly

Single-use wipes are costly. You'll inevitably finish the pack, and you'll need to pile in the car, head to the store, and load up on another. On and on, the cycle repeats. Single-use means multiple-purchase — great for manufacturers, wasteful for your wallet.

The good news

Don't worry, there's good news for you, your skin, your bank account, and the planet: reusable muslin cloths.

By opting for muslin cloth, you're ditching the harsh chemicals and microplastics from wipes. You'll immediately see (and feel) the difference when the cloth exfoliates and cleans your skin without leaving it red and agitated. 

They're made from a loose weave, so they'll dry quickly, and they're easy to clean in the usual laundry routine. They last a long time and work with all cleansing products.

Do your face a favor and choose muslin cloth.

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