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Motorcyclist catches littering driver in the act: 'Hope he got embarrassed and learned his lesson'

"That's an entirely different level of littering."

"That's an entirely different level of littering."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikToker saw a motorcyclist calling out a careless driver for littering at a red light.  

Thanks to Ashly Balitz (@balitz.ashly), the motorcyclist's actions did not go unnoticed. His good deed went viral, gaining over 21 million views and thousands of appreciative comments.

"This person tried to litter, and kudos to this biker for sticking up," read the caption of the moment caught on video.

"Not all heroes wear [capes], some ride bikes, and I love it!!!" commented one TikToker.

The footage is the second part of a series Ashly posted highlighting the person's disrespectful actions and raising climate awareness. 

@balitz.ashly Part 2 following last video uploaded. This person tried to litter, and kuddos to this biker for sticking up. Sorry for my laugh, and no, im not the one who honked the horn. #tallahassee #foryoupage❤️❤️ #foryouu #kuddos #donotlitter ♬ original sound - Ashly Balitz

In the clip, the motorcyclist picks up the trash and places it on top of the person's car. Though the driver was clearly annoyed, the motorcyclist did not back down. 

After a brief exchange, the driver eventually leaned out of their window and put the trash back in his car. Other cars started honking their horns once the man finally took the trash back.

Part one of the series shows the person in the passenger seat opening their door and dropping a plastic bag filled with trash onto the road. 

Littering is a widespread problem across the U.S. According to a study by Keep America Beautiful, researchers found nearly 50 billion pieces of litter on the ground.

Littering not only pollutes the environment, but also poses a direct threat to wildlife. When animals ingest pieces of trash, it can build up in their stomachs and cause health problems. In severe cases, animals can die if the garbage blocks their airways.

Internet users were blown away by the blatant littering from the driver.

"It's literally insane how someone can litter like that," commented one user. "I feel guilty dropping a gum wrapper."

"That's an entirely different level of littering," wrote another TikToker.

"Hope he got embarrassed and learned his lesson," wrote another user. 

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